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Reduce fuel costs

Online following, warnings, reporting, route and fuel control provided by Realcom allows our clients to reduce the costs required for fleet operation by up to 30%!

Control fuel consumption

By installing Realcom fuel control on trucks or special vehicles, you can remotely check average fuel consumption by identifying unloading stops or compare fuelling data

Increase work efficiency

Route and time control, automatically generated reports and other features helps companies to increase the efficiency of fleet operation.


Economy of time and financial resources—fewer kilometers driven, fuel saved, less time on the road, and a lower administrative burden when preparing reports.

Realcom: unlimited control possibilities

Track movement online

This is not just moving points on a large map. This is a comprehensive data about the state and activity degree of each object. This is an online control with the ability to influence the situation and prompt reaction to unforeseen events.

Fuel control

The Realcom fuel monitoring system is an effective protection against fuel drain and fake checks for non-certified refueling. The control system will protect against twisting the odometer, unreasonable fuel consumption, fraud with fuel cards. All data comes online and is also displayed in reports. You can compare the actual flow rates with the norms and determine the fuel drain without errors.

Track the routes

Realcom makes routing easier with automatic planning and optimization. Monitor the route in real time, quickly responding to deviations and unauthorized stops, or use the data to analyze and improve the company's logistics.

Track staff activity

The Realcom system can be used to monitor truckers, couriers, and working personnel of hazardous industrial facilities. Monitor safe working conditions, monitor discipline, receive objective information about the location, provide customers with information about where the courier is located with their order.

Control operation

Using Realcom, it is convenient to control the operation of equipment and machinery, to avoid critical breakdowns due to high loads or wear out. The system of notifications and objective reports allow you to keep aware of where, how and how efficiently the equipment is operated. With this information, you will prevent attempts to sabotage during office hours.

Analyze sensor data

Universal solutions allow Realcom sensors to monitor objects of any complexity effectively: including road trains or large generators. Tracking indicators online: is a remote control of dozens of parameters and round-the-clock diagnostics of expensive equipment.

Control the use of technological equipment

With Realcom equipment you completely eliminate the cases of non-certified trips and other “hack work”. In this way, unnecessary mileage and increased wear out of equipment which leads to inappropriate repair costs will be eliminated. You will know exactly where and how each piece of equipment is operated. Not a single mode of transport without your knowledge will deviate from the route.

Where can the Realcom system be used Realcom


Monitor the operation of agricultural vehicles at all stages.


Reduce on-site safety and maintenance costs.

Shipping and Logistics

Control all processes, maintain and manage without delay.

Communal service

Get transparent vehicle fleet usage data.

Extractive industry

Track all stages of extracting, movement, and storage.

Theft Prevention

Personal and corporate car safety

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